domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Aplicaciones didácticas del Mes de Febrero 2012

Durante el 2° mes del año celebramos el webinar del 11 de febrero

Feria de las Vegas CES 2012 :
(Re)vive los momentos más espectaculares del webinar :

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Una interesante herramienta que nos permite crear una serie de cuestionarios de opción múltiple de manera interactiva es QUIZZ REVOLUTION
en estos tutoriales quiero compartir contigo la manera en que también tú puedes crearlos :
Parte 1

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Agradecimientos s David Bowman :"Just to clarify, William. The expression ICT was first used in 1997 here in the UK in a report written by Dennis Stevenson to the UK Government and promoted by the new National Curriculum document designed for the UK School System twelve years ago, back in 2000.
The term ICT is now also used to refer to the merging (collaborative convergence) of audio-visual and both copper, satellite, cellular mobile and fibre optic telephone networks with computer nodes that act as one through a single cabling or linked infrastructure that evolved as a global system called Internet. There are large economic incentives (huge cost savings due to the complete elimination of the telephone network) to merge the audio-visual, building management and telephone networks with the computer based internetworking system using a single unified system of cabling, signal distribution and management. So Internet Collaboration Techniques or Technology is a more accurate description of the acronym, ICT which used to mean Information Communications Technology".

David Says :"Sometimes ICT is used with T = Technologies in the plural. Originally, only information and communications technology (with communications in the plural) was considered correct since ICT refers to communications (in the true sense of the word as a method, technology, or system of sending and receiving information, specifically telephone lines, computers, and networks), not "communication" (the act of sending or receiving information by speaking, writing, phoning, emailing, etc. or a message containing such information), and the older form (information and communications technology) is still the only one recorded in professionally edited reference works
We prefer the word Collaboration to Communication(s)
as few of us know how to Collaborate but we all think we know how to communicate